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Dear SOA & BPM Partner Community member,

Are you ready for the New Fiscal Year 2015? Oracle just started in June the new fiscal year FY15, which will be exciting, new products SOA Suite 12c and BPM 12c included. To get ready for our joint success please ensure that a joint business plan with your Oracle partner manager is in place now! This joint plan should include a marketing, sales and enablement section. In this newsletter you find support for all areas: run a joint ACTon Marketing Campaign, get our SOA Suite 12c sales kits and BPM Suite 12c sales kits and get trained at our OFM Summer Camps 2014.

In this newsletter you find a lot of content about SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c, please do NOT publish any material before the products are general available! To get a first impression attend our SOA 12c WebCast Wednesday June 25th 2014. Registration for the Fusion Middleware Summer Camps 2014 is open – register asap for one of our bootcamps August 4th – 8th 2014 in Lisbon. Please read the details and prerequisites carefully before you register. We expect that like in the past the conference is booked out!

We want to publish your latest SOA 12c and BPM 12c articles and first experience at & OTN & SOA Magazine & Service Technology Magazine. Make sure you share with the community your best practices at twitter @soacommunity #soacommunity!

In our mobile integration section you can find three articles about SOA's Role in Simplifying Mobile Enablement & Five Mobile Strategy Best Practices and a great report from the AMIS Oracle Enterprise Mobility conference

Thanks for sharing all the additional SOA articles within the community: Checkout our new series and learn about what is SOA Governance, SOA Transformation through SOA Upgrade & B2B Demo System hosted at Oracle, TechDemocracy on Oracle HealthCare Integration, Master Data Management and SOA & Message Correlation using JMS & MockServer: Easy mocking of HTTP(S) services (e.g. SOAP or JSON) & Using Oracle’s Edition-Based Redefinition to support multiple SOA Suite revisions with the database adapter & OAG/OES Integration for Web API Security: skin and guts & Integrating with Fusion Applications using SOAP web services and REST APIs & Configuring the SOA Human Task Hostname & How to set the service endPoint URI dynamically in SOA Suite 11gR1 & OSB unit testing, part 1

Highlight of the BPM and ACM section is the new release of the BPM Process Accelerators pre-build processes great for demos or to quick-start your BPM project. The CMMN notation for ACM projects keeps gaining traction, for your first ACM opportunity make use of our ACM poster. Thanks for the two ACM API articles The Oracle Case Management API & Oracle Adaptive Case Management – Exposing the API – part 1. Thanks for sharing all the additional BPM articles within the community: A Model for Planning Your Oracle BPM 10g migration & Using Signals for inter process communication & ACM 11g – Activities.
In our last section Architecture the UK team released a superb demo for Customer Experience & SOA Integration. Our UI team published details about the Simplified UI in Release 8.

See you in Lisbon

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Best regards Jürgen Kress

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